a poem by Gebriel Alazar Tesfatsion, East Africa

Head down,
clutched between two hands
Lamenting another love lost—
Another this-must-be-it relationship gone askew
When I felt soft embrace around my being.
I lifted my gaze to find Me.
Me offered to take I on a date.
For the earnestness in Me’s looks,
I accepted.

It was going to be a blind date though,
For I never knew Me.
Beside myself with excitement
Like a 12-year-old going on a first date
Spent hours priming myself for the date.
When the hour came,
To the rendezvous I went in my white tuxedo.

I got there before Me and waited for Me to come.
Me came in her soft gait shortly.

It was strange at first
Being all alone with Me on a date.
Gradually, though,
As the night wore on,
As I saw how kind me was,
How understanding, how caring,
I grew comfortable around Me.
We talked, I and Me, for hours,
Silence playing the background melody.
Me seemed to know a lot about I—
Me knew how I was superficial,
How I was not always present,
How selfish I can be
And so much more,
Yet, Me loved I.

I have gone out on several dates with Me since.
Despite myself,
I have grown to love Me—who doesn’t love Me?!

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