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The Sage Sadhasiva Brahmendirar,
A famous Carnatic music composer,
He lived like an aimless wanderer
Roaming in the streets here and there.

He was not properly dressed,
Or sometime walked naked
In the streets with no shame,
But still people respected him.

Somasundara Avadani, his father,
And Parvathi Ammal, his mother,
Though both were kind to him,
He remained free from them.

It has been a guess that he was born
During 17th century in the Town
Tiruvisainallur, near Kumbakonam,
Like any other normal child to them.

During 17th century he got married,
But he was not at all attached
Like a sanyasi, to his family life
Despite having his homely wife.

Once some children asked him
For a lift from Mahadhanapuram
To Madurai for attending a festival
And he performed then a miracle.

He asked them to close their eyes
And they were all, as a surprise,
At Madurai by the next minute,
Without any movement by cart.

When he was in meditation
Near a field full of grains,
The owner thought he was
A thief waiting to steal grains.

The owner tried to beat him
But stood there all the time
Like a wood with no action
Till he finished his meditation.

While he was sitting in a trance
By the side of the Cauveri River
He got pulled in the flood water
To a distance without any trace.

When the villagers traced,
He got up from a sand hill,
To the great surprise of all,
As a miracle that happened.

Once a rogue cut his hand,
But the hanging hand joined
By itself without any effort,
As one more miracle to count.

Note: During his silence period,
He composed several Carnatic songs
Like Bhajare Raghuveeram (Mohanam),
Bhajare Gopalam (Hindholam),
Manasa Sanjarare (Sama),
Pipare Namarasam (bharavi) etc.
His last Kirthan was as under:
“Sarvam Brahmam Mayam ReRe
Sarvam Brahmam Mayam.”


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