a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Though hard the journey appears,
In my heart, it is issued,
Soon my happy heart will quiver,
With melody of peace,
Though many on earth never will understand,
What hope burns within my heart,
My soul rejoices, amid many toils,
Indeed it will come and go,
The signs are seen and displayed all around,
I can feel it deep down my inner self,
Grace like a shield has become for me,
With living Creator to guide and to lead,
What fear have I?
By day our by night, the host there off,
In attendance they wait,
To give and to save,
For many lies in wait to kill and oppress,
In my heart I asked, can a mortal soul,
In fight stand for he the Maker has hedged?
They may not understand,
They may not know,
I am on a journey,
Soon I shall reach the golden strand,
With its crystal tide flowing from the throne above,
There is melody of peace,
And I have been numbered.

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