God Made Me Great

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

God made me great!
In so many ways, for so many days,
Greatfully, his servant is I
With his love, you too may feel this high,
this sense of commuinty, whether in church or out in nature, whether at home or in deciding our offspring's nomanclature....
For nothing is better than naming a child, to know that they too have some workings to do, that may be somehow heavenly inspired
For what is in a name, besides letters and history and resonance?
A ring, a soothing calm,
To know your name Baby Jesus, or feel the Spirit of the Man of God,
Tis the journey I follow; and, the reason I feel....
So strongly,
God made me great!

We can only pray and have faith that our work here on Earth has meaning.
For God made you great too, listen as he guides you.
Peace on Earth, good will towards man,
Bringing it to fruition, just part of God's plan.

God made us great, we should make a peaceful world the standard!

No time for sad goodbyes because sometimes evil violence, has owned hearts and and ruined lives,
Time to come together,
Time to....

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