99th Musketeers Challenge- The Law of Compensation

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

A turtle plods on, makes an easy prey
Munching on grass, sometime gets in the way
But for all the clumsiness he might lack
His claim to fame is the shell on his back
Nature finds purpose for each of its kind
Each finds a balance, and most will not mind
Some given a shell, while others may fly
Each one compensates, no one questions why!

Mankind often judges both good and bad
Always questioning what others have had
They look so healthy, good looking and tall
Ever successful, no one has it all
You must find joy while embracing your place
Except what’s given, with a smile and grace!

Ignore envy with this revelation...
Remember the law of compensation!

*No one gets everything in life, but everyone gets something!
Cherish what you have, and never envy others!
A little take on a law that has been a driving force in my life.

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