When Once I Dwelt Within the Cave…

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

When once I dwelt within the cave
Of darkness that enveloped me
My thoughts, or will, n’er would behave
I wondered; would I ever be?

Back then I was once in control
Lighthearted with the rhyme of life
Within a path my time would roll
Ignoring roadblocks strewn with strife.

Whenever fate would break or bend
And hope and faith were hard to find
I knew somehow the cave would end
And once return my soul and mind.

The cave did end, and shone at last
To light the way and welcome home
My thirst was quenched from a long fast
With pen and words once more to roam!

So many guiding friends were found
To light the way, and to inspire
With folded hands, your prayers were bound
My VN friends, my VN choir!

* It has been one year since my heart attack, six months since my mini-stroke,
but thanks to the love and encouragement of so many friends and family, life is beautiful again! Thank you one and all!
The driving force throughout this ordeal was to find the poet that once resided
in me many years ago. She is here, just a little slower, and using spell check a lot! Lol!

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