a poem by John Starks, USA

A bard whose crafted work solicits 'wow':
A grand acquaintance called, of late, my friend,
Known by his apt and frequent use of 'Ciao'
Is e'en the keeper of that erstwhile trend.
He is a 'Northern Master' (I am told)
Who, in prosodic splendor, takes his stand
And proves more so (than Spring's sweet warbler) bold
And what, when sampled, e'en transcends the grand,
As do my peers, I sing his called-for praise
And note why those who follow him oft pour
O'er what so ably, riveting, portrays
What, when assessed, begs yet the cry for more.

A bard dwells in our Northern Hemisphere
And, when he cries aloud, the world would hear!

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