Petals against the windowsill

a poem by Ash sarge, USA

The Storm amplifies what I feel,
But I have no name for this emotion,
Can this possibly be real,
One mistake, erased my merits,
My faithful acts of devotion .. now I listen to the accusing wind ,
It's not neutral, it's your voice,
Wailing in my head .
You stare at me through glass
And yellow,
I try to show how untouched I am,
But the determined rain ,
Bows my head with every drop.
Of saltless liquid.
I was more loved than a rose,
But My wound to you so much deeper,
Than a thorn,
It came from my love,
My own hurt ,
I couldn't it hold amymore.
Forgive my rash acts,
My selfish platitudes,
I had no reason to give you pain...
The Storm amplifies,
This emotion that I do not understand,
I see you through glass and yellow,
While saltless liquid bows my head,
Lower,closer to the ground..
The hurt starts to leave,
In a petal at a time,
The sun fights the clouds, for second I am blind,
One mistake,
A pretty pink,
Is traitor,
Suspicioned even against the windowsill..
Losing it petals ,
To an unknown.


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