Do not weep for me! (A Graveside Prayer )

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

Do not stand there and weep, I am not there,
that only my shell buried there.
While on earth each day I grew more and
more tried, until God came and took me away.
I am not dead, I am alive in the heavens above
Shed no salty tears for me, but be happy for
me, as I am no longer in any pain.

I am alive, even if you cannot see me! I am just
on another level of life!
You cannot see God, but that does not mean
He is not there!

Saved your tears for the death that appears on earth
of lack of communication. Where people appear
to be back in the Tower of Babels talking many
different language,none listening to the other.
Where human kind attempt to murder your emotions,
attitudes, your soul.
On earth where the agent of death creeps up on you
through lies, drugs, alcohol, and other temptations.

Fight back, the agent of death on earth that appear in
many forms.
By knowing your life is just starting in the beginning
of a new day.
Learn to say No, to anything that hold you back, and
yes to life.
God has more for you to do on earth, and something
else for me to do above.

Celebrate my life, by celebrating yours!
Remember there will never be another moment just
like this one.
There no time for a pity party! Please do not waste
one tear on me!
Remember me by Living! And I will look down from above
and I will be the one smiling!

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