a poem by P.K.N. Panicker, India

The Nobel Laureate
eloquent on his research
wondered, “Does matter exist?”

Matter, essentially a form
interchangeable with energy,
another manifestation of the same,
a form differently perceived,
transgressing beyond, moves along
faster than light
(could that be the Higgs-Bosons
verily nicknamed ‘god-particles’).

Life is
a pendulum oscillating
backward and forward
in space and time,
both rendered non-existent nothings.

The nothing in the defined space,
boundaries destroyed, forms annihilated,
merges with the nothing in the unbound space,
remains a single nothing
and no more.

The nothing in the undefined space,
spooned out into spaces
with demarcated lines and curves,
encapsulates as infinite number of nothings
leaving behind a wholesome nothing
and no less.

The physicists
(and Advaita Vedantists too)
reduced matter, energy and time
to glorious nothings,
yet are in pursuit of a resolution
to the jigsaw puzzle
of the nothing that is
and of the nothing that is not;
a relationship of intricately woven circles
of matter, energy, form,
life and time,
as life drifts away
in a continuum of yesterdays and tomorrows.

Written after listening to a talk by Nobel laureate Prof.Hans-Peter Duerr, on the 10th March 2012 at the Tag Centre, Chennai, India.

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