The Song That Drifted Away ( A Poem Written by Ann Indian girl at a hotel in Philadelphia)

a poem by NILANJANA HALDAR, India


What? Wait! I recall the notes every bit.
It’s everywhere but I definitely need to Shazam it,
‘She acts strange!’
Dad smeared his finger with cinnamon topping,
Reaching for the bagel crumbs I was dropping.

It flicks that familiar moment or sight,
When the scenes and sounds fit just right,
‘It feels strange!’
How could a song strum every feeling in perfect order,
Creating images, unplaceable, yet beyond Philly’s border.

The moment kept fleeting as I struggled to flip out my phone,
My instincts disturbed by the suspenders of my purse alone,
I’m strangely halted!
I released control and allowed the song to fill my ears,
Placed or not, captured or not, the song did push me to my tears.

So I let go of my bag and dad’s bewildering frowns that could make me sad,
That he couldn’t experience my joy the exact way, did made me feel bad,
I continue to feel strange!
It doesn’t need sharing, they needn’t be frozen in phones,
This unidentified song will anyways drift you through lost zones.

(MoRal of the Poem——do not waste beautiful moments by using your phone. Just enjoy it! No phone needed)

—-By Miss Nilanjana Haldar

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