Your love

a poem by Brandon Garrett Ramon, USA

Dedicated to PNJP
You’re beautiful and kind,
You’re always on my mind.
You’re funny and sweet,
When I’m with you I feel heat.
You make my heart race faster,
My soul of which you are the master.
You make my stomach get butterflies,
Especially when I look into your eyes.
You’re all I’ve ever wanted and much more,
And I’m attracted to your voluptuous lore.
Your Love and attention is what I crave,
And so much more is what you gave.
My world would be lost without you,
Because my love for you is true.
Sparks fly wildly every time we kiss,
When we’re apart it’s you the most I miss.
Your beauty surrounds me and captures,
Your sweet and soft voice it enraptures.
Your soft touch against my skin comforts,
And your love for my dream it supports.
You fall asleep in my arms peacefully,
And you gaze at me so beautifully.

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