There is a Mother in Everyone of Us

a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

No matter who we are or what we are
There is a mother manifesting in all of us
In every species and gender
She manifests without a fuss.
Love,pride,compassion and strength are rife
In every creature big or small giving boost to life.

The greatest Mother of all,Mother Earth
Has instilled these qualities in all with mirth.

Like a loving mother
A dog always guards his master
Saving him from every impending disaster.

Like a joyous mother
A farmer working day and night in his field
Is filled with immense joy on seeing his yield.

Like a proud mother
An artist is intoxicated by joy boundless
When his work of art is adjudged as priceless.

Like a compassionate mother
A kind doctor nurses the sick and the ailing
With compassion that has no ceiling.

Like a disciplined mother
A teacher moulds the students personality
Teaching them to face challenges with integrity.

Let us discover and rejuvenate the mother in us
To make this world a beautiful place for all of us

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