All is Fair in Love and War

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

All is fair in love and war; we fight for what we want with all our might
We compete the best we can, with what God gave us, to bring victory in sight

In war we want to win battles for our countries security and glory
In love we want to connect with another to have a great love story

In war we kill because the battles must be won
In love a person goes their own way when the relationship is done

In war you serve your country, and you need to kill to survive
In love a man makes it happen if he has the drive

In war we have an enemy who we must defeat
In love there is passion that steams in a boiling heat

In war there is destruction, and bombs fall from the air
In love we caress each other, and in the other eyes we stare

In love there are children who can be good or bad
In war there is carnage that can drive a person mad

In love one expresses what they feel in their heart
In war life is lost, as souls leave the Earth and depart

In love you seek pleasure, and happiness is your gain
In war you must inflict misery and cause the enemy pain

In love we are happy, and we do not want to do anybody any harm
In war the objective is to destroy the enemy, causing them alarm

All is fair in love, take your chances, and happiness may be your gain
All is fair in war as the soldier feels the pain

All is fair in love: if you play you must pay
All is fair in war; we fight the battle to keep the enemy at bay

All is fair in love for each lover is free to go their own way
All is fair in war if we live to see another day

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