All is Fair in Love and War -Revised 8/26/2019

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

All is fair in love and war, nothing is out of bounds
Do anything you can to win if victory can be found

In war we may kill to ensure the victory of our side
In love we want to connect with another to confide

In war we kill or we will be killed, by an enemies gun
In love we can reproduce a child by having fun

In war you must defend yourself or suffer from the enemies blow
In love you must be progressive and everyday grow

In war we have an enemy who we must defeat
In love there is passion that steams in loves heat

In war there is destruction, and bombs fall from the air
In love we caress each other, and in the other eyes we stare

In war there is carnage and death for whomever is in the way
In love there be rejection, for another is asked to play

In war life is lost, and warriors go to the Father above
In love one expresses their feelings by making love

In war the objective is to destroy the enemy, and to kill
In love we seek a particular person if we have the will

If you need a fair situation then love and war my not be your thing
Love and war can hurt you, and you will feel the sting

We all want to win and to have love; so so we go for it today
We know that in the end their is a price to pay

All is fair in war; we fight the battle to keep the enemy at bay
All is fair in love; we search for a love that will stay

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