Part 3 of 6 To Catch a Falling Star

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

And there she stood alone and proud.
And so her face, it came to sight.
Her face no more now hid by shroud;
He saw her face within the light.

He saw and stared in wonder then;
As from him then, her face, she hid.
“Stop” he cried, and then again;
And slowly then she did as bid.

Her head she then turned up in pride;
As tears, then once again, they fell.
“No more now, my face I’ll hide”
And then once more new tears did swell.

“But why...” he started then to speak
When soft, that Voice, it whispered low.
“Ask her not, nor answers seek;
Just know that she, with you, must go.

He started then in deep surprise;
“With me...?” he then aloud did say.
She turned to him with blazing eyes;
“Yes, go I must; with you this day.

So look at me with loathing now,
Look now and see my visage true.
No more will I my head keep low
Your pitied look I will eschew.”

Her words, he understood them not;
But did not ask, nor answers seek.
Those answers there that he had sought;
No more of them, did he then speak.

He bowed again and softly said,
“As you desire, my thoughts I’ll keep.
‘Tis time I think we laid our head;
Within the dark of night now sleep.

She turned to him in anger bright,
To chide him for each mocking word.
But found him hid then from her sight;
(But still she hurt for what she heard.)

When morning came, and so the sun;
She determined to let silence reign.
But then she saw that he was gone;
She felt a longing, inward pain.

‘Twas then she saw him walking by,
Within his hands was honeyed bread.
Then from her mouth escaped a sigh;
As on that fare she quickly fed.

She looked then up and saw him there,
With basin filled with waters sweet.
He laid it on the sand with care,
Upon the ground, next to her feet.

“And what is this?” in angered in haste;
She spoke to him as she then glared.
“This water now we should not waste.”
As he then on her visage stared.

Her face was no more seen with light;
With just an ordinary look.
Yet, lost she looked, and filled with fright;
But still with grace , her face betook.

“For you, to wash your hands and face.
Your face, ‘tis stained with tears and grime.”
He voice heard with sorrow laced;
“For soon it will be leaving time.”

He bowed once more and turned away,
To hide the pain that in him grew.
Toward the Wall his eyes did stray;
Then back toward his ship anew.

Which way was now the way to go?
‘Twas long he pondered this one thought.
Over wall through where tall trees all grew?
Or o’er the sea, for what was sought.

He heard right then a noise behind;
He turned and saw her walking near.
“The basins place, I cannot find;
From whence it came, I know not where.”

She saw the pain within his heart;
Within his eyes; deep in his soul.
She knew that she had caused him hurt;
Then sorrow through her heart then stole.

“From off the ship, when came the dawn,
With water too and food to eat.
For day is here and night was done;
Let us now go, our fate to meet. ”

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