A Daddy love ( The 100th Challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

Daddy , Daddy, with pen in hand,I write
a poem of A Daddy Love!
I first close my eyes and seen the memories
flash by, just like the clouds outside
my window that formed a circle.
When I was born, I came so fast you
delivered me upon the bed.

Your love for me was eternal, and not
limited by time as you wrapped me in
a warm fuzzy cotton blanket and placed
me in my mother's arm.

I grew as does a plant a little each day.
With your love, and tender care, and
good advice. I sometimes did not take,
and ended up with mud upon my face.
Along with all your faith and prays ,
that one day I would learned right from wrong.

As I grew into a man, my dreams were no
longer yours as I stumbled into my own destiny.
When ever I tumbled and fell you were always
there to pick me up. And I would try again,
to past the exams of life I may of failure yesterday.
A Father love , you always showed, as your
always there for me!

Even when were both buried , the love you gave me
will show in your grandson, my son!
A Daddy love may change in form, but never dies!

On the original poem " A Daddy Love " I thought the author was sharing his love for his own son!
I known this author from this site from the beginning, and I felt he treated everyone like in the poem,
with respect! Roy K. is a true writer and poet in sprit and in my heart!~

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