My brother ran away

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I cannot believe it my brother ran away!
He use to play a game of follow the leader
and followed me everywhere.
Now, he's has a mind of his own!
I remember the day we played hide and seek
and his flashing shoes gave him away.
Now he goes barefoot !
Oh dear, where can he be?
At night when I was so warm beneath my favorite
fuzzy blanket, I always knew by morning I
wouldn't be alone.
Now, he doesn't sleep at all !
And I remember Moms cherry pie sitting on
the window sill to cool. It smell was so sweet,
and looked so good. Even with my brothers baseball
sitting right in the middle.
Now, the baseball still sits in the middle of another pie.
However, he wrote my name on it.
Oh Dear, Where can my brother be?
He always so busy, buzzing somewhere just like a bee.
Today we played a game of cowboys and Indians and he
tied me to a tree.
Now, that I want to be untied, my brother ran away!

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