(Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "I Walked a Path"- (for Roy)

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

(My humble take on "I Walked a Path" as chosen by dear Nancy and Denis from Roy's Library) -

'A Bird in the Hand'

Along the winding road I strolled at length
Direction sought at every twist and turn
Yet knowing not if I possessed the strength
To journey on - "perchance to live and learn"
Twas then (off-road) midst hedgerow sparsely grown
That I espied a creature of the night
Complete with staring eyes as it lay prone
I'd ne'er yet seen, so sad a sorry plight
As I approached it looked into my Soul
Whilst gauging if I may yet do some harm
Or make a play to divest of yon Vole
'Twixt talons caught (no fool would dare disarm)
Tis Nature's way when not so 'Wise and Old'
If little else, then what they have they hold

Aramis /|\

For our Liege Lord Roy

(Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "A Daddy's Love" - (for Roy)
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(Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "If ever I must sing" - (for Roy)
(Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "A Daddy's Love" - (for Roy)
(Musketeers Challenge) #100 - "If ever I must sing" - (for Roy)

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