100th Musketeers Challenge- There is no you…

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

Friendship was but a steppingstone to love
Gentle kisses shared, as love was begun
We lay in a meadow, ‘neath stars above
Slowly our hearts began to beat as one.

As months stretched to years, our souls were in sync
We found heaven on earth, just as we planned
But fate stepped in, drove my soul to the brink
Time was stripped from us, as death played its hand.

Lost you quite young, many loves would follow
Each one warmed my heart, new chapter begun
Filled blank spaces, but my soul was hollow
Where once you where there, and we were as one.

There is no you, but your spirit remains…
For a heart open for love always reigns.

* Roy’s two titles speak of a lost love and the many loves that have filled his lifetime. My poem shares both.

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