My Life

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

In your sight no living shall be justified,
For you judge the intentions of heart,
Neither are my deeds so worthy,
Nor the intentions of my heart.

Yet as the robber on your side,
Who seeked for forgiveness at that time,
I too shall seek for forgiveness,
I'll turn to my advocate, my Christ.

In this world of I tell you,
Each and every one is dark,
We All have covered it,
Yet the truth is dark.

Wash me in crimson,
And I shall be white,
I seek your intervention,
To cover the sins of my life.

Crimson here stands for the redeeming blood of Christ. That can save us.

Reginald Jacob

I think He was a terrorist
All my poems
I think Churchill was right

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