Blue Shrew Has Lost His Crew

a poem by Vel Champion, USA

Poor little Blue Shrew has lost his way home.
Staying to long in the garden of Gnome.

Can you please help Blue Shrew find his lost crew?
Where is the little house of the lost Shrew ?

He asked Mrs. Bird up high in the tree.
"No not in my tree. It's not here with me."

"Is it out with Ms. Beaver down at the dam?"
"No," said Ms Beaver, "I've rivers to jam!"

Does he live neath trees that grow all the nuts.
Below in the ground with rabbits in huts.

"No, not in our huts!", said the rabbits three.
"Ner in our life did the Shrew crew we see."

"Have you tried up the beach where cliffs meet shore?"
"Maybe the sea gulls can help you some more."

"No!, Said the sea gulls, "our nest is our home."
"But try the meadow where all the deer roam?

"Where is my home? Can anyone here see?"
"I miss my crew and I know they miss me."

Deer bowed their heads and said, "We do not know."
"Check in the garden where flowers all grow."

Blue saw a black mole as blind as can be.
Who called quietly, "I'll help you to see."

"Your Shrew crew is close and your path is clear."
"Look with your heart and you won't have to fear."

"Just follow me and I'll lead you on home."
"Your Shrew crew is right here under this Gnome."

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