Late Reflections On W. W's.Poetic Reply to "His Son, Your Civil Servant" by John Starks

a poem by John Starks, USA

Who'd dare dishonor he who took me in,
E'en he who rules (as does the sun) his realm?
(As one, should he dishonor, would but 'sin'
By taking charge e'en of his Master's helm.
Who'd desecrate his Master's spoken will
By some obscene negation of his Law,
Or speak (by obviating Law), of ill,
And thus impugn his own inherent flaw?
Should you be he, what lies, I pray, in store?
What, I dare further pray, would be your fate,
Should you bar me from one we both adore,
And thus preclude my option to relate?

Let us both honor he who would that we
Find that of grace which sets the other free!

Though my reply to Willis proves moot, as we, through SIR Roy D. Kneale, have found a great friendship, it offered me an opportunity to return to a historical point and to sally forth, again, poetically in a form characteristic of 'That' day. Poems and responses tie us together in what is considered ' Community'. The ties formed via the use of 'response and feed back', strengthen the bonds between us and forge life long friendships. John

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