There is no U ( 100th challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

A is for angel I always seen when you were around.
Better was the world with you in it.
Comforting and complete, the world seem to be.
Destiny was God's design on the day we first met.
E is for everything we did together.
Fate, was our destiny.
Good-by's were never easy.
Healthy, you always seem to be.
Imagination always went wild as we watched the clouds float by.
Oh my!
Quite a friend
Sweetness, which are all words that describes you!
Tags that cost and arm and a leg.
Vicious was never a word for you.
Wagging tail, and wet kisses ! And
X marked the spot we once shared.
Young at heart, you always be.
Ziggy, is for the name that was almost yours.

When sleep is hard to come by and your not there!
And Spring sprung up and new life is all around!
Summer days grow longer
As fall leaves falls. and your not there to chase them!
And winter days grow shorter.
I remember how much I miss you!
I cannot visit you, as you not in your grave,
but running free in heaven.
However, you have proven a dog can be man's best friend.
And the only thing missing in this poem is You !
Now, you can understand why there is no U in this poem!

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