No I never would, not me

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I never would spent a day with a elephant.
Pink, Gray, white, red, or blue, no matter
what color he may be!
He would stopped all the traffic by sitting in
the middle of the street with his rear in the air.
People would shout, and point, as honks honked, and no
one could go anywhere.
He would feel just like a leather jacket, and his flaws would
make him priceless.
Someone would take out their gun and try and shoot him,
and shoot me instead.
Then he would put on a water show by using his trunk to spray
cool water everywhere.
Can you just picture the different size rough sandpaper
bumps that would form all over everyone's skin ?
He would make a sound as if blowing a trumpet ,
as he sat right down on car after car.
Can you image all the red faces ?
And what the people would say ?
He would eat all the peanuts he could fine. The salty one being the
best. Until there not a peanut left anywhere.
Then I get the bills !
No ! I never would spent a day with an elephant.
No ! Not me!
Would you?

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