My Springtime Morning Walk

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The sky was clear; so soft and blue;
So high it was o’er mountains tall.
Without a cloud to mar that hue;
That sky, so blue seen over all.

Those mountains viewed so far away;
The colors that were thereon shown.
So far away, ‘twas seen as gray;
With browns as well, of earth and stone.

But for the tops; those craggy peaks;
Upon them found a touch of snow.
White they shone, those shining streaks;
A vestige found of winter’s show.

A touch I felt against my skin;
That came from off those mountain heights.
Soft they were, those cooling winds;
That blew from of those snowy whites.

They blew on down where I then stood;
So soft did flow springtime breeze.
Across the grass; each standing wood;
All through each green leafy, shady trees.

From branches high filled all with leave;
A rustling sound then came to me.
As through those branches, soft did weave;
Within my heart, I did perceive.

I saw each wonder far away;
I saw each wondrous earthy tone.
So far, so far, ‘twas seen as gray;
With browns as well, of earth and stone.

I walked beneath those mountains tall.
I walked into that morning, new.
Beneath sky of blue seen over all,
I walked within the morning’s hue

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