Prepare For Glory

a poem by Shaunda Yvette, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Come one, come all...
You by the bar,
Let’s toast to this, with you and your friends.
Kiss is sittin...
It’s all about the Benjamins
What’s on your mind
This is for real hip hop.
Oh, how I love you.
Turn it up
Witches from Eastwick
If you think I’m jiggy
Please, no stupid questions,
Just feel me...
And after my kiss of death,
Prepare for glory;
Raw dreams,
Riding the wave...
Making plays, you rockin’ with the best,
2 turntables and a mic check.
You can scrap to this,
On my way like 2 stick up kids.

Good times
Wild out
Who’s the target.
Bag allegiance
No losses
You can see what it is.
You and me
G-Host if you know bring it on,
Cosignment the agreement;
Still feel me....?

Rock wit me.
All I know is pain
How I feel
I can’t forget
How I came to respect it
Like a death wish;
Run up
We at war
Ryde or die,
Hold it straight
Daddy get the cash
Time’s up
Now pay attention.

Man in the mirror,
Guess who..?
I got my eye on you.
Without you
Think we have a problem...?
Walk wit me,
By my side
Show discipline.
The street life,
The struggle,
My brother
Stand for summtin with dedication.
Ain’t nothing new,
Back 2 the money
With nothing to lose
Time will tell
Who’s the realist in the game...

To Be Continued...

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