Things I Love - 100 Inspirational Challenge

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

My heart loves when the sun 
flares with a copper glow
when dusk drapes and falls 
a curtain of indigo

My heart dances when it rains 
then when it's gold with shine 
and when dark clouds gather
I see a silver line

My heart is young with flowers
that in wilderness grow
a forest of quaint scents 
that in the winds softly blow

My heart smiles with the stars
shining atop pine trees
the sliver of a cosmic moon
cradled in the sea

My heart rides on the crest 
of waves on the ocean floor
that kisses a pearl rare
and floats it on the shore

My heart loves these moments
that I with nature be
but none, more splendid, more beautiful
than those of you with me

In memory of romantic, wonderful Roy. Thinking warmly of dear Ralph too xx

Reposting this poem for the challenge title. I will get down to writing again, once my work load eases.

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