Things I love about Roy ( 100th Challenge )

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I looked out my open window that formed
a square to the outside world.
Rough sandpaper bumps formed on my skin,
as the cool wind of change blow by.
The sky was filled with all of Mother's Natures
warmest colors, as it came up to greet another
Drifting in the air was freshly mowed grass,
fine sand, and my peppermint gum.
Honks honk somewhere in the far distance
awaking a sleeping city.
It was a new day of new discoveries.

I sat at my computer clicking away, trying
to find the right words for a follow poet who
had a changed of address just recently.
Roy, was always a reminder to me how change
was not always and enemy. It was life's middle
What other things did I love about him ?
Then from the corner of my eye I seen it.

It was the color of the sun, and as graceful as
any ballerina. No bigger then my thumb.
Its beauty was there for all to see. Just as is
Roy's love for writing will always be.
He too was one of a kind, just as was the butterfly!
Just like the butterfly, he was out to enjoy life
and spread his wings.
The butterfly was not jealous or intimidated by another.
Nor was Roy!
When God calls you, only you will do.

Roy, like this butterfly, was heaven sent.
God's good idea, and always a reminder that
just like the butterfly, Roy was there to help
me with my writing when others did not have
the time.

These are just a few things I love about Roy.
Butterfly, Butterfly, thanks for your help!
Glad you stopped by!
Roy, Roy, glad to have known you through
your writing.!
One day we will met again!

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