The Sounds that come the Month of May

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

I hear the soft winds blowing through;
Flowing through the mountain peaks.
The waters too that come anew;
That fill the streams and flowing creeks.
.....Their gurgling sounds, so loud I hear,
.....As off those mountains swift they stream.
.....And in the sunlight, soft and clear;
.....I see those waters softly gleam.
I hear the birds when day is born;
I hear them at the break of day.
They sing those early hours of morn,
When first, the dawn then comes our way.

And then at times I hear the rain,
As down it falls upon the ground.
On roof and on each window pane;
I hear that peaceful pattering sound.
.....‘Tis then I hear the fish all feed;
.....As then they jump and leap on high.
.....Then for a moment they are freed
.....Before they fall back from the sky.
Then when the sun; its light doth fade;
The cicadas all, their songs they sing.
When sun and moon, their places trade;
‘Tis then their songs from tymbals, bring.

Then too, I hear the owls leave;
Their call then heard upon the breeze.
Throughout the night their cries then weave;
As waft, they, through those forest trees.
.....The Nightingale and mockingbirds;
.....They sing their wondrous songs of love.
.....Their plaintive cries are heard withal,
.....T’ward those ones who fly above.
Mixed within with those peeper’s sounds;
Those sounds of tiny frogs of spring.
Soft they sing across the grounds;
A sense of peace their songs do bring.

All these and more, I’ve come to know;
They come to me this time of year.
As I walk out where forests grow;
Those sounds that chase away the fear.
.....From mountains tall and valleys deep;
.....From meadowed field and grain filled plain.
.....In daylight hours as well of sleep;
.....In sunny days and times of rain.
So many sounds; those sounds I hear;
Those nighttime sounds that a come my way.
That brings a sense of peace and joy;
Those sounds that come the Month of May.

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