Roy Kneale Tribute Memorial - Musketeers Challenge 100 (If Ever I Must Sing)

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

Fierce fires in hearts real poets can spark.
Concoctions of words, Roy sure had the knack.
Brewed over time and kept in a well.
Tenderly nourished then cast like a spell.
Roy had great ways of displaying the ink.
Drew memories of times, he threw maidens a wink.
Down righteous paths he fondly remembers.
The times,the dates in notepad he enters.
Photos of past loves some lips hard to tame.
Their black and white pictures still call out his name.
His memoirs well written, no words left to say.
I'll add the last verse and sing if I may.....

"Each line of each sentence you ever designed.
In my honest opinion they're truly sublime."


Thanks for allowing me into your life and into your poetry, dear friend.

You are "The Wizard King Of Voicesnet" and will always be remembered.

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