The End Result

a poem by Samuel Paul Peacock, USA

See here it comes, just thinking about you gets me going like this.
Once upon the day,
When I felt like I had lost my way,
The sun broke thru the storm,
I saw your face, and this frozen heart opened,
Ready once again to be warm,
I cannot explain this,
Im not sure I want to,
I think in my heart,
I just want to be the man for you,
I want to be the one
The one you lean on when you cry
The one you hold close
When storms rule the sky
I don't often write this much
Not for one person
Not for one life
But you show me something different
You show me more than just a slice,
More than just a desire,
Like I can keep my eyes off you,
You lit me on fire,
I don't want to put it out
I want it to burn forever,
Thru rains and drought,
This heart will be yours
For as long as you want it,
Just know this
You are my woman damnit,
I will fight with you
I will fight for you,
I will be right there beside you,
I will stand behind you
When you want me to,
I will stand in front of you,
You have me,
For as long as we can last,
And thank you my angel,
For loving me despite my past.
I love you,
Written now in digital stone,
I feel it in me,
Thru blood and bone,
You will never again have to stand alone.

With my open heart,
Sam Peacock.

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