NOSTALGIA (Poem of a Homesick Expat)

a poem by 'Alaa Ibrahim Muntasser, United Arab Emirates

Being so far away from home, so heartbroken, helpless, with tears in my eyes, missing each and every one of my loved folks back there, I just don't know how these lines have come out!

My dear homeland
Right here I stand...
Beyond rough seas, and waves and sand
With all the yearning in the world for you
Here in my heart and my mind
With all the love in mothers' hearts
For to you, and only you, I belong
And you are mine
And had God Almighty given me
A thousand lifetimes
I would have lived them all for you
Loving you, longing for you...
Feeling you in my heartbeats
Until the end of time
Because simply (and just simply speaking!)...
You are mine!!!

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