a poem by Phillip Joseph Hussey, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

A voiceless face wandering
In these streets of shame
Where people with sightless eyes roam
They see through my demise oblivious
I stumble through the maze of buildings
Unending pavements to nowhere
Searching for scraps, hungry for love
Inside my heart I'm dying to live
The buzz of the city, the roar of traffic
Are the endless songs echoing in my ears
I own everything yet have nothing
The stars are mine and so is the moon
My home is everywhere yet I go nowhere
Greetings come only from my kind
The homeless wanderers are my family
Silence is virtue loneliness a curse
Years have gone no comforting hug
A kiss is but a vain dream
I die a thousand deaths daily
Yet life clings on somehow
Nights are gloomy no place to rest
Days are long cold hot and humid
The sewer rats seem to understand
That somehow I am like them... timid
Sometimes I want to drown my sorrow
In the spirit of the ales
But I know that the only crutch I have
Is the One who really cares
My prayers are uttered in solitude
They are for those who drown themselves
In drugs and alcohol the vermin of life
The screams of despair
Are the haunts of the lost
Sometimes I find a sanctuary
In there is peace instilled
I can sit for a moment
And contemplate my lifetime

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