Hitting the Wall

a poem by Priyanka Dhull, India

Have you ever tried hitting a wall?
It hurts right?
Compared to it
You find yourself very small

Our personalities are like that
Our minds deals with the same impact
We try to get out of them
Change them
But instead should give them a attention rapt

Why do we hit this wall?
When we know we're trapped
We can try to be someone else
But in the end with the same thing we're still wrapped

I myself always pretended
Kept on hitting that wall hurting myself
Trying to get to that high shelf
Trying to get out of this place where I am stranded

They might fall for what they see
A person out of fantasies
Who laughs and giggles
Vanish your problems and struggles
Who appears to be easy and free.

But then they get a peek
Behind the wall
And not like what they see
And then whatever you do
They'll leave you alone and flee

So I've learned and you should too
Or else it will hurt and devastate you
Don't hit the wall but accept it
Even if for people you're not a great fit

Because the people who peeked and still stayed
Will be there even when you'll have wrinkles
And you hair will be greyed
Because they never liked your pretend smile
Because they hated the role you played

They saw the darkness and saw the pain
They saw how you are tired and drained
But instead of giving up on this friend
They preferred to see it ever again

And that's why stop hitting the wall
They'll pick you if you ever fall
Because those who gave up were never yours
You were big but they made you small.

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