A Winner or A Loser???

a poem by Banita Lall, India

You help others in need,
Then why you are alone when you are the needy,,
You give your smile to others,
Then why you get tears in return,,
You let others succeed,
Then why you are being pushed down,,
You try to be the music of others' lives,
Then which is the noise that is upsetting you,,
You try to brighten the path of others' like sun,
Why is there darkness in your room,,
You apply ointment on the wounds of others,
Why then you are left with scars on your body,,
You become the reason of someone's happiness,
Why then others are the reason of your sadness,,
You prove to be the helping hand,
Why then others become amputated for you,,
You help others win their life games,,
But why you are called the loser then,,
Does that make you a fool,
Or should you lose your identity of a pure soul,,
A common saying that everything happens for a reason,
Then why is this suffering groundless,,,
Who are you ultimately, a winner or a loser???

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