Of Rainbows, Streams, and Waterfalls

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

As I walked down a mountain trail;
Through woodlands deep, and meadows high.
On down into a wooded dale,
From where the lake reflects the sky;
.....A bit of heaven found.
‘Twas there I saw a spreading mist;
That formed from whence a stream did fall.
A scene that both mine eyes now wist
A wet and misty shimmering shawl...
.....Above a lake seen bound.

A waterfall to meet my eyes;
That fell from ‘neath a flowing stream.
And high that mist above did rise;
And soft those water drops did gleam;
.....The light of morning’s sun.
And then on down; on downward fell;
That light upon that mountain lake.
Within those waters, then to dwell;
More wonders found to then awake...
.....Before the morn was done.

Born from those waters found on high;
From mists that rose from waters deep.
Those beams of light from off the sky;
Then through the waterfall did sweep...
.....Then ‘cross the sky did flow.
Within that mist; that glimm’ring shroud;
Now dressed within a glorious gown.
Within that glimm’ring glist’ning cloud;
A soft and shining sparkling crown;
.....A glorious reigning bow.

The beauty found within those halls;
Of lakes and streams and forest trees.
Of steep cascading, waterfalls;
And mists that whirled within the breeze.
.....Caught within the light.
Within the light; by mists were bound;
Within the stream of sun light's ray.
As o’er that lake, that mist then wound;
Extracting colors while at play.
.....That rainbow brought to sight.

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