100th Challemge A Special PLace

a poem by Maggie Pollock, Scotland

I have a special place
Where I can be alone,
No people no sound from the outside world
The only sound is Mother Nature
Who always makes me feel I am home.

I gaze upon a field of Lavender
The scent fills the air,
As they silently sway in the breeze
Caressed by the warmth of the sun,
I am always happy to be there.

A soft mist is slowly disappearing
From the mountains so high,
Letting the sun shine through
Oh the wonder of Mother Nature,
A happy tear escapes from my eye.

I feel this must be Heaven
With only Mother Nature all around,
I hear the little birds still singing
I let this beauty fill my heart and soul,
Knowing, to this special place I am bound.
Maggie Pollock 2019
ps I am having trouble getting in to read other poems but I will keep trying.
It is also taking me time to post this.

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