a poem by Jonah Abuoma Jonah, Nigeria

Simultaneously recurred
when the sky was blue
As their deeds so huge to bear
raped us apart.

The earth tremble
like tremor occuring
who will ease the cat
the big or the small?
the name of the time is US.

Us that have refused to grow
Us that have sold our soul
to the back door of frustration
hate and racial superiority.
Us is distroying us with us
think us right.

Us only us
is killing us.
The book is opened
it is called the book of life
Us has it
But still killing us.

In us we are superior
In us we are inferior
In us we discriminate
But we calls us one
Black and White one
Red and chocolate one
Same blood colour
And still us is far from us.

Us holds us with chains and in prison
Us judges us
But non of us knows that
us is killing us.

Us started religion
And us is hurting us with religion.
See to yourself that
Us with us
will bring the world together for our joy.

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