No Love No Pain

a poem by Jonah Abuoma Jonah, Nigeria

Love is a false tone for the spirit
it is not real.

Forged love reaffirmed love smoke
As I felt a hedge of untold love
caressing falsely my mind.
I am like a perturb soul
wandering lonely in swift wilderness
looking for a love never to be hold
Am lost.
It's gone
No more those mind untold love
silence has engraved me
where to start is unknown
where to go is unknown
All is gone
Am daft and duss.

How will it be accepted again?
Who has felt it before?
The lady I envisaged
upon praises
shattered me with pretence.
It is tense
and upheaval.
A gone love
is a one side love
Yes it is a one side love
I will cope
I will chill on.

Lovers of love
be careful
If this is love
it is love in hell.

Love a selective of indignation
of false truth for the spirit.

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