Nature VS Nurture

a poem by Alex Seagrave, USA

I don’t have a son, I don’t have a daughter
But the fact of the matter is
I’m fighting for this Earth like it was my father
But maybe that’s the issue
Some of you didn’t have a father
But god damn everybody has a mother
Nature or nurture shouldn’t be a question when nature is the thing in question
Without our nature there will be no nurture

We all used a straw
One time...or twice
Inevitably that’s not what really hurt this life
Your negligence conspires against the spirit of christ
You’re doing it in his name but you’re dragging it through the dirt
Power and wealth isn’t the key to life
We’re reliving our history, it’s doing what we said
The only reason we took this class was to prevent this in the end
In the 5th grade I had eyes the size of lemons and my brain was like a lion
So fierce in my mind but outside I was quiet
W.E.S Camp.
We had to sit back and relax, take a minute to realize, we’re just kids
I had burritos and rice and the rest of the can
Leftovers for nobody was part of the plan

The sweatshirts they have, have a really good question
“What on Earth are we leaving for our kids?”
So I ask you, what are your plans?

Are we just a can that gets all the leftovers?
It was all pretty fresh at first
But now it’s getting old
It’d be nice to have a warm meal
Without you trying to steal
It makes no sense when you have a buffet
An all you can eat, it’s time for fair share
Everyone’s been in line long enough, you’ve had first pick
We don’t want anything you have.
We just want everything you have.
Let us in.

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