A Voice Wants to Speak

a poem by Mike DeVincenzi, USA

A voice wants to speak, it wants to be a part
A human needs to be sociable, for we all have heart

Voices mingle and merge together until we make a hum
Every one of us has a mind, and no one of us is dumb

Compassion is needed for we all have are our wills
My heart shouldn’t be elsewhere it should be still

I let voices speak; I don’t override them with my voice
I let everyone be free to make their own choice

I exchange ideas, and I don’t preach without a call
I let others speak, and I pick them up if they fall

Alone I am weak, but together with others I am strong
Reach out to others and you cannot go wrong

Voices expressing individual thoughts about what they know
I listen very closely because I want to grow

People should be free to speak, or not to speak, it depends on you
A voice wants to speak because that is what people do...

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