A sad Clown ( 100th Chalenge )

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

I am going to write a poem about Betty the clown,
who's smile was always upside down.
Something inside of her has been locked tight, and
is coming out for all the world to see.
She using this sad face to bring out her gifts,
abilities, and dreams.
To make others laugh, in a world filled with
a potpourri of every feeling known to man.
Until then she had been ignored by others and
ridiculed by some.
Inside this clown was a treasure chest just
waiting to be explored.
She blows a trumpet and laughter drifted in
the air, for all to see and hear.
This sad clown, is a good example of seizing
your miracle moment . A miracle, just
like cool water in a creek that goes over your feet,
that will never comes your way again.
A sad clown , is a reminder that just like
them, we too, need to jump right in, an initiate
our blessings.
Too many people sit around wishing something will
happen, as if stale water in a pond.
Follow the good example of a sad clown.
If you have dreams, and goals, make your actions
line up with your convictions.
Was this clown really sad? Or was it just an Illusion
to make others laugh?

Roy once wrote me, " If you cannot write a Sonnet, its just not your style, then
admire those who can. However, never ,give up being you, to be a cheap copy of someone else! "

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