If Ever I Sing - 100th Inspirational Challenge

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Word by word my notes I play 
I create a medley of thoughts
Lyrics of my heart in what I say 
A song of my soul in phrases wrought.
Melody in verse and rhyme I see 
Into a realm I love or an escapade
A haven it becomes where I would be
Midst turquoise waters or dappled shade.
Art it is and a reflection too 
Of haunting beauty and reality 
A sliver of a dream or an opera true 
The rhythm of life and fantasy

And there I be with my muse 
With laughter, tears, thoughts a few
And colours of the world - reds and blues
Through which I reach out to you.
And if ever I sing as poets have 
I shall sing of life, dreams and hopes as such
Of the moon and stars, rain and storms 
Through my voice some heart to touch.


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