a poem by Jamie Lynn Ball, USA

Here I sit staring out in despair,
A foggy mist surrounds me.
I'm suffering so much grief,
But no one can see to care.
I try to hide it best I can,
Pulling a cover over my head.
This was not my plan,
Inside feeling completely dead.
This isn't living at all;
I am so broken and lost.
How many times must I fall;
How much more will it cost?

Over and over people take,
Take EVERYTHING I've got,
Friends who are so damn fake,
Forming their devious plot.
Straight to your face they lie,
Trusting what they say is true,
Then they'll robe you blind
Before you even have a clue.

EVERY single day and night
I'm struggling to survive,
But feel I'm losing the fight
Just continuing to stay alive.
Life isn't easy, this I know,
And I don't mind working hard,
But this life I lead has control,
Leaving me forever scarred.

I'm contemplating my next move;
I'm stuck at a stop sign,
No idea of what to do;
Think I'm losing my mind.
Seems to be no escape route in sight
Out of this deep dark abyss;
No tunnel or bright light;
My fate is to end like this.


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