Cool Breeze On the Rocks

a poem by Shaunda Yvette, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Cool breeze on the rocks,
I be blowin’ to the breakadawn.
Long Island degrees;
With potholes in my lawn,
Be with me.
It’s me Me, myself and I
Ego trippin’...
I can do anything
In this dog eat dog world.
Eye know the stakes is high,
Pushin’ aside, pushin’ along,
With the book of life it’s all good.

Ring, ring ,ring
Where’s my buddy?
It’s not over till the fat lady play the demo, and much more.
It must b the music.
Say no go
I am I be the same 3 days later.
It’s like that
A ghetto thang.
The bizness
Oooh, I’m talkin’ bout hey love,
Set the mood
Like a roller skating jam named “Saturdays”
This is a recording 4 living in a full time era.
Come on down
Pass the plugs
It’s a beautiful night for a pony ride.
Baby, baby, baby, baby ooh baby
Can u keep a secret?
You betta listen,
Like Im giving you the magic number.

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