100th Challenge , Inspired By Sir Roy's Title - 'WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN '.

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

My canvas before me is now large enough
I can paint you a picture of a life that was rough.
My teacher implored me ,
'Don't go down the mine'.
She considered my intellect was much too fine .
My parents were poor so underground I descended
Met all kinds of miners and we eventually blended,
Down in the darkness I saw terrible scenes
Tragic accidents on coal-face seams .
The years passed by until dark turned to light
But on leaving this place .
My future became bright .
The canvas at last was covered in gold
With words spread out ,telling stories of old
One of my stories is close to my heart
when I met a young lady dressed in blue.
After 57 years we're never apart
Tho If I hadn't been rescued
from that coal-face scene.
I dread to think ,
'What Could Have Been '.

Author , Edwin Jepson .
June 12th 2019 .
Thank you RDK . For your wonderful poems
and Inspiration. Eddie .
God Bless You My dear Friend and Talented 'Head-Master
Eddie and May , Rest in Peace Sir Roy . xxx.

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