Three Wise Old Rooks.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Three wise old Rooks high in a tree,
sat discussing life, and philosophy.
The first old Rook, said it’s plain to me,
we have a great vantage, from which to see
the results of man’s foibles and stupidity.
To which the second old rook said, I agree,
as did the third, who nodded vigorously!
At that they sat awhile and pondered silently,
until the second old rook, cawing noisily
said - after thinking hard and profoundly,
that rooks have an advantage, is plain to see,
for watching the actions of humanity.
They do as they want, but seldom see
the effect their actions carried out carelessly,
have on the balance twixt land and sea!
A relationship they’ll ruin irrevocably.
If judged in a manner that’s a little critically,
they scream aloud it’s up to “others” not me,
who treat the pristine environment disdainfully.
A common trait of the ‘not me’ fraternity!
We wonder what their excuse will be eventually,
when the world we love, changes irrevocably?
It’s very plain to see, many lack responsibility,
completely oblivious to their own stupidity,
being hell bent on their own actions of idiocy!
Rooks, being the smartest of the avian society,
could give them good advice - but unfortunately
humans possess an air of arrant superiority,
and many ignore evidence, that’s plain to see!
At that moment an old Crow, joined the fraternity
of Rooks, and after a moment of social conviviality:
said he had much in common with the other three.
Having conducted a census, I have found many agree,
that mankind must come together, and decree
all conflicts must cease, and restore harmony,
if subsequent generations - who live in jeopardy,
do not take remedial action, and implement it quickly,
and restore the delicate balance Nature wisely
put in place. One planned to work for eternity.
At that, silence reigned as they thought deeply
upon the consequences they foresaw. Finally
the Crow said ‘Farewell’. Although reluctantly:
he flexed his wings, and flew away immediately,
leaving the three Rooks to ponder deeply
on the consequences, he had painted so vividly.
Then they, as one, rose and flew from the tree
into different directions, with each hoping to be
the one to persuade the world to listen carefully
to world wide changes needed immediately.
Should no one care? there’ll be no eternity,
so it’s with great concern I write this poetry,
for what those Three Wise Rooks could see
is as plain as a pikestaff for all to see.
It requires a concentrated action to remedy
the problem from folks, such as you and me,
if the planet is to continue on, everlastingly.

Rhymer. June 14th, 2019.

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