Back From The Dead

a poem by Chad Martinez, USA

It felt like a dream,
Time stood still, everything slowed down,
Our eyes met, The voice in my head
signaled she was the one.

Connection, attraction, she seemed to have it all, She was
"The Dream of Dreams"
in the flesh
Each breathe was a reminder of the reality
of my luck. Because her heart told her this too. The time was now or never to
make a move, to try and even if I failed,
even if she crushed my ego,
even if I played the fool,
I took the chance, for the chance may not come again.

This was my move, "Hello, how you doin?"
She said "Just fine, now that I've met you!"
this was "that" time
The time to come through in the clutch.
Time to not be too nervous, to listen and smile wide, maybe the end of the night we'd kiss, maybe arrange a kiss for another time, anything she wants anytime. For a gentleman am I.

For that was the moment that would never leave my mind.
For it was too powerful to ignore
The invisible force of Love, of lust.
The way it was meant to be.

Unforgettable, Heart wrenching to revisit.
Back from the Dead
My heart beats again.
For I wonder if the stars had all lined up, how did I get so lucky to win your heart?
The feeling of that love shall never die, it will always be remebered, it will always make me smile.

JUNE 2019

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