Broken Shackles

a poem by Sonali ruth bandyopadhyay, India - poetry writer, author, poet

The past held me tight, chains and shackles had me gripped,
For fighting this battle , I felt, I had to be well equipped,
One step I would take - hundred mistakes I would make,
This would tear me apart and my heart it would break,
But these tears were not in vain,
With this struggle I had something to gain,
As I moved from one step to another,
As I moved from one mistake to the other,
I realized that past was truly in the past,
When I accepted Jesus and on him my worries did cast,
He took up my battle to be his own,
And for my sake my sin he had borne,
My mistake became as nothing now,
For to the true heavenly father now did I bow,
He not only has saved me from Eternal Fire,
He constantly renewed my mind and filled my heart with Godly desires,
My life is now slave to his righteousness,
I have been reborn all owing to his great love and faithfulness.

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