Gilded Skies

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The sun, it shone its golden light;
As slow, it set into the west.
Whose rays, it spread across the night;
From far flung perch on western crest.

Then off the waters found below;
Reflecting off that golden hue.
God’s love display within its glow;
As ‘cross the world its beauty grew.

The heavens seen lit with gilded gold
The lands, they too did softly gleam.
That amber wave, it did enfold;
The sandy shore, within its stream.

Those wonders seen twixt night and day;
As through the sky it did transverse.
And there displayed ‘tween sky and bay;
The wonders of the universe.

This beauty now by all is found
All wrought by God for our behalf.
Across the sky and on the ground;
By God ‘tis writ, day’s epitaph.

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